Lease Management
The creation and maintenance of leases within the System is an easy process to do. A setup wizard will guide you through the creation and if there is any updates required such maintenance is a simple process.

Lease Creation

There is a lease creation wizard within Prop Expert that makes the creation of leases a simple process.
The first step in the process is selecting either an existing tenant, creating a new tenant on the fly (this is done without leaving the page) or selecting an applicant.
The next step is choosing which property and units the chosen tenant or applicant wants to lease.
The final step is entering all the date and cost information, this includes any late fees that can be incurred etc.

Lease Step 1

Recurring Items

The system provides you with the ability to create recurring invoices, charges, adjustments, discounts and refunds.
This allows you after creating the lease to set up an automated invoice creation for the lease that you will only ever have to check on a invoice period basis and click send to the Tenant. Thus, saving you a tremendous amount of time and energy by creating an invoice for the lease once and the System does all the work from there on out.