Easy to Use
Prop Expert is made as simple as possible in order for you to achieve what you need to in the shortest possible time.

Easy Maintenance

All the Adds and Updates of items within the System have simple pages and pop ups for you to get done what you need to quickly and simply. There is no need for unneccessary complexities within this System for managing your properties.
All the information is broken down into simplified groups with clear headings. Additional functionality is provided where needed to achieve all your goals with the required information.


Consistent Look

The interface design ensures that you never have the feeling of not knowing how to work or what to do within the page you are in.
There is a consistent look and feel throughout the entire site to make you know and understand what is going on.
What you are looking for should be within three clicks of where ever you are. This is added by the ability to choose from the left menu of quick links and related reports to which ever page you are in.