Accounting within Prop Expert
Prop Expert provides you with full accounting functionality to manage all invoices, charges, receipts, adjustments and deposits related to the management of your properties.


You have the ability to create Invoices as needed within Prop Expert. These invoices are created by selecting which charge type you want to include on the invoice, you can add a description that you want to appear on your invoice. You have the ability to include VAT or not on the inputted amount charged.
The Invoicing also allows for the ability to input if the charge is a metered charge. This allows you to enter the start and end reading as well as the per unit cost. The system will then calculate for you how much the charge must be for based on these values.
There is also the ability to type a note to the Tenant as well as the ability to attach any other documents that might be required, for example a copy of the utilities bill etc.


Recording Receipts

You are provided with the ability when recording receipts to see all the outstanding amounts for the chosen lease and assign which of the charges invoiced are related to the payment that has been received.
There is the ability to allocate the full payment to all the charges outstanding or only selected ones. You are also able to choose which bank account the receipt has been paid into and the type of payment it was (EFT, Cash etc.).
The System will also tell you when a prepaid liability has been created when the receipt is for more than what is currently outstanding in the system. This prepayment can be assigned to a charge at any later stage.
Recording Receipt